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Are you Ireland's most loyal Volvo Trucks customer?

If you've seen the March edition of Fleet Magazine,you may have seen that the search is on to find the most loyal Volvo Trucks customer/operator and also for the driver that has spent a career behind the wheel of a Volvo Truck.

The campaign kick starts a year long programme to mark the golden 50th anniversary of Volvo Trucks in Ireland.

The Irish Commercials team have put their thinking caps on and have come up with several nominations.  But if you think you might be Ireland's most loyal Volvo Trucks customer (or you know someone who fits the bill), we'll need details of the owner’s and driver’s history with the brand, outlining truck models and years of operation, will be required. The judges will be looking for the reasons why and how these Volvo Trucks have served the operator and driver. 

For the Owner/Operator: Do you see the truck as a vital asset for the company or just a means to an end for the business? Do you take pride in your company’s livery featured on your Volvo truck? Is there any pleasant memory associated with any of the Volvos operated over the years that can be told? 

For the Volvo Driver: What attracted you to be a truck driver? What’s best about a Volvo truck? Have you a funny incident associated from your time out on the road with your Volvo? What has been the most significant development in truck technology over the years?

Please send in your nominations and some history and photos to or direct to Fleet Magazine


Good luck!

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